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Kill &Choke Manifold
    Kill &choke manifold is the necessary equipment for controlling kick, controlling pressure of oil &gas. can be equipped with hydraulic control panel for remote control.
    Choke manifold
Can control casing pressure,  stabilizing pressure in the wellShut the well by relieving the pressure with throttle valveBe used for blowing for protecting the well.
Kill manifoldCan pump heavy drilling liquid into the well for stabilizing pressure in the wellrelieve the bottom pressure by blowing outCan operate specially, such as, injecting water for well-washing,  injecting extinguishing agent. Our choke &kill manifolds conform to API Spec 16C,  NACE MR0175. Also,  we can design in customers need

  Choke &Kill Manifold Specifications

Working Pressure


Nominal Bore

2 1/16in4 1/16in


PU -29121

Material Class


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